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All Certification Courses in One Simple Subscription
All Certification Courses in One Simple Subscription

JollyEngine Platform Subscription

Original price ₱11,400.00 - Original price ₱11,400.00
Original price
₱11,400.00 - ₱11,400.00
Current price ₱11,400.00

A successful online presence for a business needs 7 things:

1) A great website

2) Continuous education

3) All the technology to run a business (web site , LMS, Ecommerce, CRM, Accounting and more)

4) Expert guidance with weekly classes

5) Ecommerce shop

6) Marketing tools

7) Attractive offers/courses (you can start selling Yogamu courses and products from day 1. However, you don't HAVE to)

With this monthly subscription ($199) you have all that you need to run a successful online school. 

Includes up to 5 hours of PERSONAL marketing assistance (writing 4 blog posts, 4 instagram posts and general consulting) per month! (more hours can be booked at $25 per hour)

If you would like us to create your custom site and have a complete hands-on experience, please also purchase the "Done for you" package.