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Bharatanatyam Dance Teacher Certification Level 1

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Become a Certified Instructor in Bharatanatyam: Level 1 with Contemporary Fusion

This course is suitable for absolute beginners but also offers valuable insights if you are a contemporary dancer and would like to create something new by incorporating classical Indian dance. 

If you are a yoga or meditation teacher it will be a valuable addition to your course offerings. People love to dance! 


Anagha Pillai is assistant professor in Kerala and teaches instructor courses to advanced art school students.

Course Overview

Embark on a transformative one-year journey into the world of Bharatanatyam with our Level 1 Instructor Certification course. This course not only offers a comprehensive introduction to the foundational techniques and philosophies of Bharatanatyam but also integrates elements of contemporary dance. This fusion allows you to explore new creative dimensions within this classical Indian dance form.

Course Duration and Schedule

- Self-paced
- Multiple optional live classes per week (recordings available for later viewing)

What You'll Learn

- Basic steps, postures, and hand gestures (mudras) in Bharatanatyam
- Introduction to rhythmic patterns (tala) and melodies (raga)
- Core principles of Bharatanatyam choreography
- Philosophical and spiritual underpinnings of the dance form
- Effective teaching methodologies for beginners
- Fusion techniques with contemporary dance

Course Highlights

- 150+  classes and video lectures
- Interactive quizzes and assignments to reinforce learning
- Expert-led workshops and live Q&A sessions
- Comprehensive course materials, including a detailed coursebook
- Final assessment and Level 1 instructor certification

Who Should Enroll

- Aspiring Bharatanatyam instructors
- Dancers interested in expanding their repertoire
- Individuals passionate about classical Indian arts
- Spiritual seekers intrigued by the dance form's philosophical aspects

- Yoga and meditation teachers that want to add variety to their teaching modalities and stand apart from other teachers


Upon successful completion, you'll be awarded a Instructor Certification in Bharatanatyam, enabling you to teach beginners and share the rich cultural heritage of this ancient art form.

Don't miss this chance to deepen your understanding of Bharatanatyam and become a certified instructor. The fusion with contemporary dance opens up new avenues for creativity and innovation. Enroll now to start your journey towards mastery.