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6 Course 500HR Teacher Bundle

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Experience profound personal growth in our expert lead teacher training.  

With purchase of this bundle you will be enrolled in our 6 most popular courses:

1) Yoga Teacher Training 200HR + 300HR, Yoga Alliance approved

2) Kundalini Teacher Training 200HR + 300HR, Meditation Alliance International, World Yoga Federation of India

3) Meditation Teacher Training 200HR + 300HR, Meditation Alliance International, World Yoga Federation of India


Will I have support? 

Yes! We have a very large Facebook community as well as a 24/7 online chat where you reach us. You can also email to We strive to support our students on all continents at all times 7 days per week. 

Do I have to complete all 6 courses?

No, these are 3 full teacher training courses for one low price. You can take one, two or all three after one another or in parallel and at your own pace.
Is there a fixed schedule?
No, these courses are self-paced. You have until December of 2024 (next year) to complete them. If you want to register your Yoga Teacher Training with Yoga Alliance you will have to complete the Yoga Teacher Training 200HR by December of this year. This is the registration deadline for online courses set by Yoga Alliance. However, its is not required for any reason to register with them. It is at your own discretion.
Is it all recorded videos?
Is is a mix of recorded videos, reading material (included in course) and live classes (or you watch the recordings). We have a very comprehensive live class plan with more than 70 weekly classes!
Is the yoga course approved by Yoga Alliance?
Yes, it is. After completion you may register as 500HR RYT with them. They currently charge $50 signup fee and $65 per year. However, Yoga Alliance registration is purely optional. There is no requirement to do so.
Why is this so affordable?
We believe yoga to be a matter of the heart, not privilege. We are one of the largest yoga schools in the world and this is our way to give back. It has a longstanding tradition in India to not turn away earnest seekers of knowledge for financial reasons. This is why do these promotions a few times per year.
Does Yogamu have many students?
We have currently around 34,000 active students.
Is this cultural appropriation?
Yogamu is mainly in India where yoga originated. However, having that said please know that the greatest yogis like Swami Vivekananda or T.K.V. Desikachar have always hoped for yoga being adopted around the world. The world profits from yoga tremendously. Yoga is not of a specific culture. It is the foundation and teaching of a better life and not something cultural or religious. It "just so happened to come from India"
What title can I use to signify this profession on my business cards or on social media?
Upon completion you may add the titles 200HR CYT, RYT, CMT to your name (business cards etc. Example: Jane Doe,200HR CYT, RYT, CMT)


Yoga Teacher Training (200HR + 300HR = 500HR RYT):

Become an international Yoga Teacher (Example: Jane Doe, 500HR RYT)

Our comprehensive training program will give you the skills and knowledge to become a successful yoga teacher. Our program is designed to help you develop a deeper understanding of yoga and its principles, as well as provide practical teaching techniques to help you start teaching yoga with confidence.

We provide guidance from experienced teachers and an emphasis on personal growth and development.

Plus, our graduates have gone on to become successful yoga teachers, with many opening their own studios. So, if you’re ready to make a career out of yoga, this is the program for you!

Training highlights: 

This course can be taken on Mac or PC via web browser. There is also an iPhone app available. Android users can use the built in Chrome browser for best results. 

  • Register with the Yoga Alliance as a 500-HR RYT (optional)
  • Completely self-paced!
  • Join our large Facebook support group with thousands of students
  • Receive a globally accepted official 200 HR Yoga Teacher certification
  • Lifelong access to all teaching materials
  • Availability of 24/7 support
  • Instructors from Rishikesh, India and San Diego, USA
  • Option to register with the World Yoga Federation of India as a 200-HR certified instructor. 
  • Optional live classes offered 7 days a week at a variety of times to accommodate all time-zones. 
  • After completion, you will be ready and qualified to teach classes, get hired by yoga studios, fitness studios, and more.  


Our Yoga Alliance registration: 



Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training (500HR CYT):

Example:Jane Doe, 200HR CYT

Currently more than 8,000 students enrolled in Kundalini Yoga!  

Course Outcome:

  • Ability to conduct a Kundalini yoga class with your own students. 

  • Knowledge of how to prepare a class (use of themes, props, etc). 

  • Understanding of meditation aspects in Kundalini yoga. 

  • Awareness of ethical considerations. 

  • Kundalini A-Z: the theoretical and practical foundation.  

  • Business aspects such as insurance, etc. 


  • Completely self-paced! Start at any time and complete at your own pace. 
  • Official 200HR Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Certification. 
  • Eligible to register as a 200HR Yoga Teacher with the World Yoga Federation. 
  • Access to Zoom training groups where you can practice with fellow students. 
  • Reading material included at no additional cost. 
  • Receive answers to questions about your personal awakening experience.
  • (This course is eligible for 30 Continued Education hours with Yoga Alliance if needed) 


  • What is Kundalini (current science and tradition) 
  • Chakras and energy body
  • Preparation and Precautions for practice
  • The 3rd Eye (additional special course included at no cost!)
  • Nadis ; the energetic channels 
  • Diet
  • Multiple methods of Kundalini awakening
  • Sadhana
  • Pranayama
  • Karma Yoga
  • Hatha Yoga Pradipika 
  •  And more.. 



Become a 200 HR CMT (200 Hour Certified Meditation Teacher) 

Example:Jane Doe, 200HR CMT

* Currently more than 1,000 students enrolled in Medication Training! Join our vibrant community! 

* Create a remote dream job as a professional meditation teacher. 

* This course includes the 100HR level training (no separate purchase required). 

Upon completion you will be eligible to:

Register with Meditation Alliance International as a Certified Meditation Teacher (200 HR CMT)


Are you looking to deepen your knowledge and understanding of meditation and mindfulness? Our meditation and mindfulness teacher training is the perfect way to do just that!


Through this training you will: 

1) Access tools that support you in building custom meditations for others.  

2) Acquire skills that help you to build a client base and earn a living as a meditation teacher. 

3) Create targeted guided meditations from modules (a convenient building block system). 

4) Create catharsis through intense breakthrough techniques. 

5) Learn advanced techniques to master emotions. 

6) Gain knowledge of tools and techniques to apply these methodologies to your own life, as well as the lives of clients.  


Upon completion of this course, you will know how to: 

1) Create a career as a meditation teacher. 

2) Coach individuals and groups in finding purpose, relaxation, and more. 

3) Transform your own life, master emotions and understand your own actions better. 


If you have more questions please email or contact us here: